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Visitation Rules & Regulations

If you have further questions in regards to specific Riverside Regional Jail Visitation rules or regulations, please call the lobby desk (804-524-6600 ext.6020) prior to visiting the facility.

The Riverside Regional Jail visitation areas are places where families with children, clergy, and legal representatives are present. Attire worn to the facility should be appropriate to the setting. Casual attire is acceptable as long as it is appropriate. Visitors may be refused admittance if their clothing is considered inappropriate.
All visitors and their personal effects are subject to search as outlined in the State Code of Virginia §53.1-1. Visitors must remove all items from their pockets and pass through a detection device.
No more than five (5) visitors may visit one (1) inmate at a given time in the visitation area. No more than three (3) of the five (5) visitors are allowed to be minors. No minors may be left unaccompanied at any time. All children under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult, who is listed on the inmate's approved visitation list.
Intoxicated visitors or visitors who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied access into the facility and may be subject to arrest.
All visitors (with the exception of minors) must show a valid picture ID that includes their date of birth. Visitors without proper identification will not be permitted to visit an inmate.
Visitors will be assigned a visitation seat when they report to the facility and must use the assigned seat during the visit. Visitors are only allowed to visit the inmate they signed up to visit.
Visitors are required to have footwear on at all times. NO BARE FEET ARE ALLOWED.
All children must remain under constant control during visitation. Parents, guardians, or responsible adults must ensure that children do not run freely, jump, climb, or otherwise play in the visitation or lobby areas. Only one diaper and one bottle will be allowed for infants. All strollers will be searched.
One diaper and one bottle for infants, vehicle keys, and identification are the only items allowed into the visitation area. Please limit items brought into the facility.
Court clothing (if prior approval has been granted) and certified funds for inmates will be accepted at the lobby desk.
Tobacco products and lighting devices, any item considered to be a weapon, cameras or video recording devices, cell phones, personal lettters or pictures, or toys are prohibited from being carried into the visitation area. This list is not all inclusive. Other items may be deemed inappropriate by the facility Watch Commander.
Any delivery, or attempt to deliver contraband to an inmate will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
If a fire alarm sounds during the course of your visit you may be instructed to exit the facility. Please follow all instructions given by the Officer for your safety.
Please notify jail personnel of any situations occuring during visitation that may have upset the inmate (disagreements or bad news received). This request is so that we can better provide for the safety and security of the inmate in question and others as well.
Visitors are prohibited from attempting to communicate with inmates when entering or exiting the facility. Visitors are prohibited from loitering in the parking lot or on the jail premises.
Smoking is permissible in the parking lot only. Smoking is prohibited on the stairs and walkway leading into the facility.
Visitors must park in assigned visitor parking areas only. If you park in assigned jail personnel areas your vehicle may be towed at your own expense.