Riverside Regional Jail Inmate Visitation

Public Notice - Inmate Visitation

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Inmate Visitation

Inmate visitation at the Riverside Regional Jail is scheduled online. It is the sole responsibility of family and friends of inmates housed at the facility to schedule visits if they wish to visit with an inmate. Visitation is not allowed during the first 72 hours of incarceration so that an initial classification can be conducted, and housing location assigned. Visits are scheduled in increments of forty-five (45) minutes (ex.7:00pm - 7:45pm, 7:45pm - 8:30pm) up to a maximum of two (2) per week. In the event that an inmate's visits have been suspended, you will be unable to schedule a visit until visitation privileges have been restored. For a full listing of all visitation rules and regulations, please refer to our "Visitation Rules" page.

If you have any questions or concerns dealing with specific visitation requests or questions in reference to an inmate at the facility, please contact the facility by using our Contact Page.

Online visitation scheduling support issues are handled by Renovo®, our online scheduling provider. If you have any questions or concerns dealing with online visitation scheduling, or problems with the online scheduler, please contact Renovo® directly at:
Email: visitorsupport@renovosoftware.com or by phone: 855-208-7349 (Mon-Fri 8-5pm CST)


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